Excellent Brews

I may be a baptist, but that doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy a good ale on occasion.
Old Rasputin – Imperial Stout
This is an excellent stout. Unlike Guinness, Old Raspy’s got a slightly sweeter flavor. Still, its quite a thick beverage and at 9% alcohol, packs a wallop. Raspy’s are brewed in Fort Bragg, in Northern California. Thanks to Dan and Joe for introducing me to this fine brew.

Boddington’s Pub Ale
Smoothest pub ale I’ve had so far. Perfect with just about anything. Lighter in color and heft then other pub ales, it quenches the thirst and makes a perfect companion to italian food as I found out at Vito’s!Thanks to Herb for bringing over a 4 pack one evening.

Newcastle Brown Ale
I cannot recall where I first had a Newcastle, however, it has become one of my favorite beers. Especially good with crab curry and other ethnic dishes, I often have one after work while eating dinner with my wife. Newkies have a bit more intense flavor than a Boddington’s and seem a bit less refined, however, I find myself craving them.

Got a favorite? Pst a comment and I’ll try it out.

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  1. River West is another good one. It’s from a microbrewery in Milwaukee though, so unless you find yourself near there it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to find it. Probably one of the best beers I’ve had, though admittedly that’s a fairly small sample. 😉

  2. Hey sinner, guess who!<br /><br /> -Long- story. I am now in Chicago fool. Holla at freikorps73@yahoo.com.<br /><br /> PS Michelle took off to FL without yours truly and I have found my true love in the land of Lincoln (Confederate ancestors now on rotissierie in Jackson lol)<br /><br />peace

  3. Let me add a hearty nod of approval to the Newcastle Brown. Probably my favorite beer right now. Goes really nice with something hearty, like steak. I must say, that photo of the Newcastle doesn’t do it justice. It’s a much richer brown in color.<br /><br />Shiner Bock is good too. Try it with bratwurst or polish sausage.<br /><br />I also light some of New Beligium’s offerings. Fat Tire

  4. Highly reccomend:<br /><br />Hobgoblin Ale<br />Corsendunk Brown ale(wife prefers the pale ale)<br />local favorite is Red Brick Ale from the atlanta brewing co.<br /><br />Anyone in GA we will be having our quarterly beer tasting this friday, where we will be sampling 15 different imported beers(2oz each) with a history of each as well.<br /><br />Frank<br />Atlanta Ga

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