Gay Parents / Strangers & Custody Rights

Aside from the acceptance of a perverse lifestyle as normal and the granting of custody of children to those who promote and engage in perversion, the recent court rulings on ‘equal protection’ for homosexuals opens a gaping hole in the structure of the family. Not simply in a moralistic conceptual way, but in a tangible way that will undoubtedly show itself soon.

The Mercury News writes: “The rulings strengthened the custody rights of non-biological parents in same-sex unions and clarified the uncertain legal landscape for thousands of gay couples across California who decide to have children.” What the rulings actually do is to grant the possibility of custody rights to individuals who have no legal marital or even domestic-partner connection to the children. Again from the Mercury News:

“Now, the high court has extended that principle to custody feuds like one unfolding in Santa Clara County for Linda Hulberg, a Morgan Hill woman who has been seeking parental rights for two years from her former partner. Hulberg was in a three-year relationship with a woman who bore twin boys, and acted as a co-parent until their 2003 breakup, according to court papers.” (Gay parents gain key custody rights, Howard Mintz, San Jose Mercury News, Aug. 23, 2005)

Consider what’s being said here: a woman who was friends with another woman for three years and acted as a “co-parent” during those three years can have access and even custody of the woman’s biological children. The article of course quotes the ‘conservative’ viewpoint as: “By saying that children can have two moms, the court has undermined the family.” While true, it misses the larger picture that basically anyone who has lived in one’s house or even occasionally taken care of another’s children can have potential custody rights of those children. Consider the implications…

Can the teenage babysitter who has come to one’s home for the past five years, thus acting as a ‘co-parent’ (definition questionable of course), claim custody rights after her/his termination? Can the nanny who has fed, watched over and taken care of one’s children claim custody rights over them? If a three-year relationship without any legal status can grant one rights to custody over one’s kids, how can the state, who feeds, teaches, cares for and raises one’s children, five days a week, for more than a decade through the public school system not qualify for custody?

Another ruling “gives gay partners the same protections as married couples in terms of how they are treated by businesses.” This will of course play into the state’s anti-discrimination policies and thus again put pressure on churches and businesses that believe homosexuality to be perversion and incompatible with employment…

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  1. Reminds of a recent story where two middleaged men – straight – friends decided to apply for domestic partnership status. Gay activists were upset! lol<BR/><BR/>dharp

  2. Interesting. A friend of mine said this was here and I had to make a comment. I happen to know this woman very well. She now has full custody of those children and Thank God!! You don’t know anything about this situation and yet you judge just based on your sick sense of being a Christian. Jesus would be ashamed of you for judgements. You certainly have the right to your opinion, as sick as

  3. Good point anonymous(2:40pm). I too am a very close personal friend of Linda Hulberg and have known her for years. Even during the time in which she was with this &quot;Other woman, her partner that they had children with. THEY HAD A RELATIONSHIP and decided to have kids together period. No different then an unmarried couple who would do the same. COnsider what is being said here…. I quote you.

  4. Micah, you are obviously an idiot. You know absolutely NOTHING about this AMAZING woman and her boys. It is interesting to know that bigotry and stereotyping are alive and well in America. You "fake Christians" have the audacity to hold up the Bible as a form of "verification" to your outlandish and vile views. I say to ALL of you "haters" out there….GET A LIFE. Linda is a loving mother

  5. &quot;Just friends&quot; my ass. Linda went through the hell trying to take care of these boys (and still does, thank you very much) because the woman who carried DONATED egg AND sperm was and remains a TOTALLY unstable woman!!! Get your facts right before you condemn ANYONE for loving &amp; caring for 2 boys who were in desperate need of love,attention, and the most BASIC needs any child needs

  6. Excellent point Anonymous. Linda Hulberg is one of my Best Friends and I have known her for over 20 years.<BR/>First of all, you have no right to judge her based on information that you do not have. Those 2 boys are in a loving home, and are the happiest that I have ever seen them. The Court took away those children from their Mother for a number of reasons, and the Court decided to give Linda

  7. Turretinfan:<BR/><BR/>I am opposed to using the Bible for bigotted reasons. Let’s not forget that slave owners in the 18th and 19th centuries waved the Bible around and used "out of text" passages to justify AND verify the slave market. Much in the same way Micah (and possibly yourself) are using Holy Script for something it was not meant for.

  8. Ah, I hit a nerve! How wonderful! :)<BR/><BR/>While I understand that people are strongly opinionated about issues they’re personally involved with, the subjective is never the proper means by which to judge a situation. My post obviously got some air time on someone’s blog or forum, which is why the huge increase in comments on a blog that has seen fewer than this in its entire lifespan. 😉

  9. Jeff,<BR/><BR/>"Much in the same way Micah (and possibly yourself) are using Holy Script for something it was not meant for…" <BR/><BR/>What do you mean, "not meant for"? I don’t believe anyone could truly, exegetically make a case the slavery found in the South in the 1800s… but a case for declaring homosexuality a sin… I think that’s pretty clear.<BR/><BR/>I wonder how long it will be

  10. Really Micah?<BR/><BR/>Tell me…just what did Jesus say about homosexuality? The Bible also denounces prostitution….yet, apparently Jesus "embraced" transients and prostitutes alike. Funny…it seems a "couple" of "kooks" embraced the so-called "debauched" of our society…(i.e. Gandhi, Mother Teresa etc.)<BR/><BR/>BTW, I agree with you with this statement…<BR/> <BR/>I don’t believe anyone

  11. <I>"Tell me…just what did Jesus say about homosexuality? The Bible also denounces prostitution….yet, apparently Jesus "embraced" transients and prostitutes alike…"</I><BR/><BR/>Do you presuppose a hyper-dispensationalism? Do you think somehow the God that Jesus called His father was somehow different from the one Jesus quoted? Do you think Jesus disagreed with certain verses in Leviticus?<

  12. <I>"<BR/>Yet, that is EXACTLY what happened"</I> <BR/><BR/>No, it wasn’t. Sure, some folks pounded a Bible and declared they had a right to slaves, but the slavery allowed in the Law was that of indentured servitude as a result of crimes or debts. The Law specifically defined how one could fall into slavery and what treatment they would undergo, and how it was immoral to take slaves by force.

  13. Micah,<BR/>Shouldn’t you be focusing on more pending issues within your own church, such as molestation? How about writting an article on how you plan to address that issue. Or an article on how all of your Christian follower’s sin with their various affairs and lying. If your article was truly about just stating the facts about this particular issue then you would have done your homework instead

  14. You Pompous TURD! How DARE you write something about my sister like this! My sister IS a very loving parent to her boys and they return her love! My sister was only trying to get "visitation rights" to see the boys, THE JUDGE in the case awarded my sister full custody AFTER the biological mother’s severe alcohol and mental problems came into light, a lifestyle that endangered very lives of these

  15. <I>"Shouldn’t you be focusing on more pending issues within your own church, such as molestation?"</I><BR/><BR/>Do you have specific knowledge of molestation going on in "my church"? It’s apparent, from your comments that you didn’t read my comments in this thread. <BR/><BR/><I>"If your article was truly about just stating the facts about this particular issue then you would have done your

  16. Jeff asked: "Tell me…just what did Jesus say about homosexuality?"<BR/><BR/>Matthew 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. <BR/><BR/>"Adultery" … is that plain enough?<BR/><BR/>And Jesus, speaking by Paul’s pen declares:<BR/><BR/>Romans 1:26-27<BR/><BR/>26For this cause God gave them up unto vile

  17. Well, yes. It’s MY blog. I post what I want. If you want to take your hate-filled speech about me to the masses you’re free to make your own blog. There you can call me all the tolerant names you want without fear of me moderating them. <BR/><BR/>Notice that most of the ‘anonymous’ posters have left now that they have to reveal themselves. Even you, behind your newly created pseudonym can say

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