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  1. I guess you’re referring to the connections between people charts, I recall seeing a screenshot of the show with something like that in it. It is also common in Japanese anime and the like where they show the connections between people. <BR/><BR/>In this case you’re seeing the relationship between chatters in the #prosapologian chatroom, operated by http://www.aomin.org, Spideygeek is a very good

  2. As I stated, from the images I’ve seen from the show regarding the "map", it looks like a relationship map.<BR/><BR/>http://www.ourchart.com/about_the_chart – "Pretty much every group of friends has its own "chart," right? Whether it’s written down or not, we all know who’s slept with whom, who’s part of whose serial monogamy"<BR/><BR/>Gotta love the term "serial monogamy", it so accurately

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