Christian blogger under attack!

The woman who wonderfully blogged about her 4 year old daughter’s need for a Savior got herself on the liberal and atheist blog network’s hit list. (I can understand her plight being the target of the gay/lesbian alliance recently.)

Several things to note. Notice the brand of tolerance practiced by the non-Christians (and the liberal “christians”) responding to her. As I stated in the comments of my blog post about the Lesbian woman who got parental rights of a child she had no blood relationship with, the brand of so-called tolerance practiced by those who so loudly demand tolerance leaves much to be desired. Also note the language used by these people. They chastise her for supposedly being unkind and unloving to her daughter and yet look at how they treat this woman they don’t even know. Such sterling examples of tolerance.

This blogger, who rightfully understands the depth of man’s depravity and the desperate need for all of us to have a savior. Has been called filthy names, accused of abusing her child and told she’s a horrible mother… why? Because she dared to tell her child that she was a wretched sinner in desperate need of a Savior.

Many of these commentators, all so brave behind a keyboard, decry her denial of the child’s self-esteem… yet what role does such a concept play in an naturalistic, atheistic world view?! To quote ENielsen, “Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t important, you ARE valuable–because you have a place in the food chain.”

Let’s be up front folks, Biblical Christianity teaches that all have sinned, including little four-year-old girls and need a Savior from the wrath of God. Yes, I realize in this sin-saturated, pervert-praising, God-hating world such ideas a sin, wrath and needing a Savior are antithetical to the majority world-view, however this is what we who follow orthodox Christianity believe and surely the truly “tolerant” would post their responses on their own blogs rather than lambasting this mother.

Of course, the tolerance-police aren’t interested in true tolerance, they want the world their way or it’s off-to-the reeducation camp with you!

Praise God that there are parents still intent upon raising their children in a truly Christian world-view. Pray for this woman, and support her. Pray also for her ignorant and vile attackers who, from the anonymity of a keyboard are so full of bravado and anger.

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  1. A duplication of a comment I left to you on The Virtuous Woman blog. I think it may be of relevance here.<BR/><BR/>Lockheed-<BR/><BR/>"There is "no good thing" dwelling within us, even little children, that God sees and saves us based upon"<BR/><BR/>Read that comment slowly, and you will understand why many commenters on this thread think that what Jean is teaching her child is wrong. Consider

  2. tolerance? you want TOLERANCE?<BR/><BR/>society as a whole is finally moving towards a phase where we do NOT tolerate abuse of the vulnerable, no matter the excuse the abusers use. once the stock standard excuse was ‘ the devil made me do it’. now it’s ‘god made me do it’ and the greater majority of people must TOLERATE this? <BR/><BR/>NO. we will NOT tolerate this. we will not look the other way

  3. I understand why those who left the rude comments did so. Their worldview is antithetical to ours and displays the exact kind of depravity we expect from unbelieving God-haters, the kind that Scripture tells us we all express prior to His work in our lives. That kind of thinking is pervasive in our society, as evidenced by the self-proclaimed "christians" who posted in opposition to the post as

  4. I am eternally grateful that my parents taught me that I was a sinner!!!!! I will leave this world someday with a Savior! I’d sure hate going out into eternity with nothing but good self esteem??

  5. Consider all the believers, Spurgeon, Luther, Calvin, the founders of Princeton and Yale, Eric Liddell and others who knew that their self-worth lay not in anything within them but solely in the person and work of Jesus Christ.<BR/><BR/>Solus Christus!

  6. Lockheed<BR/><BR/>I too left a comment on that site for a reason, I wanted to point out what I thought was wrong with the situation as I saw it. I never meant to sound hateful, I was just amazed that people want to think this way. I don’t think anybody should be forced in such a way to feel so worthless.<BR/><BR/><BR/>I have lived my whole life without religion and yet have never seen fit to

  7. I noticed that many of these atheists declared that there is no evil, that evil is a human construct, and then have proceeded to describe the actions of Jean as "evil" and "child abuse." From what worldview are they able to determine what is abusive and what is not? How can they determine right and wrong? What is the basis for their view here?

  8. <I>I was just amazed that people want to think this way. I don’t think anybody should be forced in such a way to feel so worthless.</I><BR/><BR/>That’s just it, no one <I>is</I> worthless, rather their value comes not from their selfish desires, needs or wants, but from the infinite God who created them. So the child’s self-worth does not depend on whether or not they have the best shoes, jeans

  9. Hello Lockheed<BR/><BR/>Many thanks for allowing my post and also for your response, I hope its ok I will ask a few more questions?<BR/><BR/>Apologies now for the lengthy post! :)<BR/><BR/>I think you encapsulated everything in this sentence:<BR/><BR/>"To be told that they’re a wretched sinner and are in need of a Saviour? We would consider telling them the opposite to be a lie and much more

  10. The weird thing about the comments on Jean’s blog is that they are telling her that she shouldn’t tell her daughter such "abusive" things. For the life of me I can’t find where she says she told her daughter any of these things. To the contrary, here is what she said,"my four year old daughter told me that the only person who would ever help her to be a good girl was Jesus Christ, because she

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