Thought Crimes Prosecuted in Europe

Apparently, in the EU you can be prosecuted for denying the holocaust. Now, while I believe the holocaust was real and horrific, isn’t prosecuting stupid people for their beliefs frighteningly fascist itself?

“Doğu Perinçek the leader of the Turkish Workers Party was fined by a Swiss court in 2008 after calling the 1915 genocide an ‘international lie’, during a visit to Switzerland.

Mr Perinçek later appealed to the European Court of Human Rights, which ruled that Switzerland had violated his right to free expression in December 2013.

His appeal is now being challenged by Armenia, which argues that denying the 1915 genocide is a crime on par with Holocaust denial.”

Thought crimes being prosecuted in Europe… what scary times we live in.  Not to mention the fact that George Clooney’s wife seems to be using the trial as a photo-op.

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